Why Submit Your Experience?

Submit Your Own Experience

Information About YOU is Desperately Needed
Whether you consider yourself a strong writer or you often find yourself struggling to compose what might seem like a simple email, we invite you to take part in the Archive of Workplace Writing Experiences. The truth is, there’s not much research out there about how people learn to write in the workplace, and we hope to change that. Through this project, we are collecting interviews from people all around the world about the writing they do at work and how they learned (or are still learning!) to do it. We’ll learn from these experiences, and we’ll share this knowledge. And perhaps more importantly, these interviews will be a resource for teachers, students, and employers to learn from too.

You’re Probably Eligible
Who is eligible? Adults (over 18 years of age) with an undergraduate degree in any major who write—even a little!—in their current job. Whether you’re a zoologist or an accountant, a museum curator or an executive assistant–or anything in between—we’d love to hear about your experiences learning to write in the workplace.

Interviews Can Be (Somewhat) Anonymous
Although your voice will be heard, you need not state your name or your exact company’s name.

Contributing is Easy
To contribute, you simply record yourself answering the interview questionnaire and send it in to us. After we’ve transcribed your interview for accessibility, we’ll post it on the Archive site.


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